What is Linux Operating system ?

what is linux operating system , and what are its advantages and features ? Linux is a free , open source and Unix-like operating system. The Linux kernel is a commonly ported operating system kernel that operates on a wide variety of computer architectures, including the hand-held ARM-based iPAQ and IBM mainframes System z9 or System z10. For less common architectures, specialized distributions and kernel forks exist. Linux very fast than Windows and MacOS. In this article we will talk about what is Linux , history of Linux , features of Linux and specifications of Linux.

In these topics, we will discuss :-

  • About Linux
  • What is Linux ?
  • Features of Linux.
  • Limitation of Linux.
  • Why use Linux? 

About Linux –

Linux is a operating system like Unix. Linus Torvalds developed Linux Operating System in 1991 at the University of Helsinki. A program that enables programmers and users to access their computer’s device to carry out a certain task.

What is Linux-

Linux is an open source operating system like Windows , IOS , Apple MacOS etc. This operating system was written in 95% C language and 5% other language. Linux is around us since it can be used on wristwatch to supercomputer . This is a Unix modify version develop by Linus Torvalds but Unix designers was refuse to improve in this OS. Therefore he launching this OS.

Features of Linux – 

  1. Supports Multitasking.
  2. Programs consist of one or more processes, and each process have one or more threads.
  3. It can easily coexist along with other Operating systems.
  4. Linux can run multiple users programs.
  5. Because of proper authorization, individual accounts are secured.
  6. Linux is a replica of Unix, but it does not use the Unix code.

Limitations of Linux – 

  1. Linux does not have a regular version.
  2. Linux has patcher support for drivers, which can cause the whole device to crash.
  3. For a novice user, Linux is not as easy to use as Windows.
  4. Many of the programs we use on Windows can only run on Linux if they are run via a complicated emulator. As an example. Microsoft Office is a program that allows you to create documents.

Why use Linux – 

Why use Linux, is this an important question? Linux protects many issues such as malware, viruses, slowdowns, expensive repair. It is a free operating system. Linux’s Many Features are make it better operating system.

Best advantage of linux operating system- 

  • Security – Compared to other operating systems, developers in security cases can trust Linux. It is better than to other security operating system because viruses will not be executed until the administrator not provides password and it’s not required antivirus program.
  • Free – Compared to other operating systems, Linux offers the biggest advantage of its operation. We need the license key for other operating systems. Linux does not require license key. It has a GNU GPL (General Government License) distribution.
  • Privacy – Linux always take care of user privacy it never takes much private data from users. Linux is good operating system for privacy. Tails , QubesOS and IprediaOS are examples of best privacy – focused Linux distributions.
  • Networking – Linux facilitates with powerful support for networking . It provides various command-line tools such as SSH ,IP , Mail, telnet, and more . tasks such as networking backup much faster.

System Sompatibility in linux operating system

  • Compatibility – Because it supports almost all file formats, Linux is compatible with a wide range of file formats. Almost all motherboards , CPU , GPU , hard drive and other components of a computer are compatible with Linux. Because , Linux is lightweight.
  • Software Updates – The user may control updates to Linux software and choose the update required. Many updates are available on Linux and these updates are much quicker than any other OS. So you can easily install the updates without problems.
  • Live USB/CD – Nearly every Linux distribution has a live CD/USB option, which permits us to try or run without installation. You can try and run Linux live for test Linux operating system’s performance and other qualities.
  • Lightweight – Linux is an operating system that is lightweight. It has much lower system requirements than other operating systems. Most Linux distributions require only RAM and ROM 128MB.
  • Stability – Compared with other operating systems, Linux is stable. Do not require system reboot to maintain performance levels. It seldom hang up and slowed
  • Performance – The Linux operating system delivers outstanding performance over a number of networks. It handle a large number of users at the same time.
  • Flexibility – Linux operating system is very flexible. It can used for desktop application , embedded system, server application tools. It provides virus restrictions for specific system and we can install only necessary components.

Other Specification of linux operating system :–

  • Distributions – Many Linux distributions are available on the market and offer different options and you can choose based on your needs. The Ubuntu and Linux mint are helpful for beginners. For skilled programmers, Debian and Fedora are a good choice.
  • Installation – Linux installation process is very easy and it takes few time for installation than other operating system. It takes require few input from user. It does not require much more system configuration even it can be installed on old machines having low configuration.
  • Graphical User Interface(G.U.I) – Linux is a command – line based operating system and offers user a interactive interface such as Windows.
  • Open Source – The source code is easily available as it is open source. The programmers can customize and modify the code for any purpose.
  • Community Supports – Linux offers large community support and support from a variety of sources. There are many web forums to support users. Many open source groups are ready to help developers.

Multitasking in linux operating system :–

  • Multiple Desktop Support – For enhanced use, the Linux system supports multitasking desktop environments, and we can select any desktop environment, such as GNOME (GNU Network Object Model Environment) or KDE (K Desktop Environment), as each has its own environment.
  • Multitasking – It is a multitasking operating system because it can run multiple tasks at the same time without slowing down the system. Linux is multi – user operating system.
  • Suitable For Programmers – Programmers prefer Linux terminal compare to windows command-line. The Linux Packet Manager helps programmers understand how to do things. Linux supports all languages like C/C++ ,Python , Java , Ruby . It also provides supports SSH , which helps in managing the server quickly.

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Linux Kernel Documentation Click here

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