Best free office alternatives for Free

In this article, we talk about the best free office alternatives. Microsoft Office is a very popular and powerful suite for spreadsheets, presentations, and documents. It is one of the best productivity suites. But is very costly for buyers. However, the number of Microsoft Office Alternative competitors has grown, not least due to more price-competitive …

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What is Linux Operating system ?


what is linux operating system , and what are its advantages and features ? Linux is a free , open source and Unix-like operating system. The Linux kernel is a commonly ported operating system kernel that operates on a wide variety of computer architectures, including the hand-held ARM-based iPAQ and IBM mainframes System z9 or …

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what is Artificial Intelligence [A.I.]?

artificial intelligence, robot, ai

What is artificial intelligence ? Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one such method. Which also affects the interaction between people and the Internet. Its impact will continue shortly as well. AI has the ability to do its work through a medium. Other socio-economic structures, to do more or better, greatly modify the way they communicate. with …

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How to install pycharm in windows 10 ?

how to install pycharm

How to install pycharm in windows 10 ?. To install PyCharm community version without any error on your device, follow the measures outlined below. We will not use any command lines in this installation, such as “sudo snap install pycharm” . These steps show how to install pycharm in windows 10, starting with downloading the …

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